MACO Museum of Oriental Art & Culture Update

Earlier this Spring, over 400 artefacts, including personal treasures and consecrated objects from the Namkhai Collection were entrusted to the MACO. This is in addition to the collection of over 300 marvelous and precious artefacts from around the world which were donated to the Collection last December, by Costantino Albini. Together with these incredible objects, entrusted to the MACO for their care and to share them with our Community and the public, comes an enormous responsibility. These new arrivals, each one more extraordinary than the next, have also magically manifested the initial means for their own care and safe keeping.

In light of our fruitful collaboration with the British Museum between 2020 and 2021, to adapt their ResearchSpace software to the needs of small and medium sized museums, the BM very kindly decided to donate to the MACO the customised version of their software that we had commissioned.

With the funds that their donation freed up, we requested our sponsor for that project, the Union of Italian Buddhists (UBI), to permit us to reallocate these resources to a project to construct a secure archive space, to preserve these 700 new arrivals, next to the office. This work was planned, designed and constructed just in time, this Spring. Thank you Curzio!

It’s really impossible to express our gratitude to the Namkhai family for all that they have offered our Community and for the honor, personally, to see and be close to these sacred treasures, every day. Recently we had a visit from the Venerable Ponlop Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, who looking at the Collection, remarked: “Just imagine all that Rinpoche has accomplished.”

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