Mandarava Chudlen 2022

Dear Sangha,

Happy new year!

We hope you and your families are doing well.

The Shang Shung School Tibetan Medicine Tenerife is pleased to announce that we have the new Mandarava Chudlen pills recently prepared by Dr. Sherab according to the instructions contained in the Chudlen terma that Rinpoche received in 1985 (See CHNN, The Practice of Long Life and Chudlen of Mandarava, Shang Shung Publications, 2003)

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You can find a nice video of an interview with Dr. Sherab on the preparation of precious Mandarava Chudlen pills. It contains information about ingredients, and preparation. We hope you will enjoy it!

As every year the new Chudlen is prepared by Dr. Sherab using the precious substance contained in some of the old pills empowered by our Master and our Sangha during different Drubchen of Mandarava held at Dzamling Gar.

The Tibetan New Year is approaching and with it the usual annual Mandarava retreat. If you are interested in Mandarava Chudlen pills for your personal practice, we strongly advise you to order it as soon as possible as shipping sometimes takes longer. As well we advise lings or groups of practitioners to place bigger orders and then organise distribution independently. This will cut down shipping costs and shipping logistics.

Also if you are interested in some other Tibetan medicines of excellent quality and recently prepared, we can provide:

  • Agar 35

  • Vimala

  • Semde

  • Tobkey Chudlen (Wanglak)

  • For other medicines (we have a wide range), please contact us. Our Tibetan Medicine Doctors can advise the proper treatments according to your personal health condition.

To make an order of Mandarava Chudlen you must have received the transmission from Chogyal Norbu Namkhai or from Yeshi Silvano Namkhai.

Transmission is not required for other types of medicines.

Please write to Tibetan Medicine School Tenerife using this email with the following information:

-Name and surname

-Postal address and phone number

-Product and amount (please note that the minimum amount is 54 pills.)


*Before making any donation, make sure you establish a contact with Tibetan Medicine Team.

**We can ship only in Europe and when pills leave Tenerife they pass an international custom. Generally there are no problems, but we cannot guarantee 100% that pills will be delivered.

We declare them as incenses and we ship them through certified post so that you can follow the expedition with a tracking number we will provide.

***For USA, please contact:

For Russia, please visit:

Warmest regards,

Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine Tenerife

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