Mandarava Sogtig Retreat with Khenpo Yeshe Wangpo


From 14th to 16th May 2016, Namdrolling was privileged to host Khenpo Yeshe Wangpo to conduct a retreat on Mandarava Sogtig in Singapore. Ven. Yeshe Wangpo is a Chinese Khenpo who was given a traditional Teacher’s Hat by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 2006 and told to go forth to spread the Dzogchen teachings, especially to the Chinese speaking community.

The retreat was open to all practitioners who have received the teaching and transmission from Rinpoche. This brought forth a happy reunion of several old-time fellow practitioners and the atmosphere was like a convivial meeting of family members, with Khenpo right in the midst of it, choosing to lunch each day with all of us. Khenpo taught in Mandarin but it did not require much translation to be able to feel his deep abiding love for Rinpoche and his passion for the practices.

Khenpo Yeshe Wangpo

Khenpo Yeshe Wangpo

Khenpo’s ability to explain in simple terms the profound practices of sogtig and chudlen inspired several practitioners to ask for clarification of the details of the practice. Khenpo’s precise and specific replies reignited everyone’s interest to take up the practices again and the gakyil happily facilitated several orders for chudlen pills at the end of the retreat!

The warmth and humour which Khenpo brought with him lingers on with us at Namdrolling and we look forward very much to invite him to visit us again soon.



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