Merigar East Lungtas Project & Workshop

merigar east lungtas project

Dear friends and practitioners,

Merigar East is here with a unique project and at the same time with an invitation for an exceptional event!

We would like to introduce you the Merigar East Lungtas project for establishing a Lungta workroom in the Gar where we will be continuously printing the lungtas for the Master, Gars, Lings as well as individuals who are interested in hanging lungtas for both themselves and their relatives and friends.

This project will start with an initial Lungta workshop under the guidance of experienced practitioners and lungta makers!

The workshop will take place in Merigar East from 23rd June till 1st July 2018 and during that time we will make, print and sew 3000 pieces of individual prayer flags. We will print the traditional design but also the ones designed directly by Rinpoche.

Lungtas or prayer flags are not the decoration but the practice. Their effect is to increase the fortune and prosperity of a particular person or place.

Merigar East is a very suitable place for placing the lungtas since all the elements here manifest in a strong way, especially the element of air, crucial for the lungta practice.

We invite you firstly to attend the workshop. If you feel like participating personally in the production of three thousand prayer flags, don´t hesitate to register for the event – for more info and contacts check the registration form .

If you cannot or don´t want to participate in the workshop but you would like to hang the lungtas for yourself or your friends and relatives, you can order a set(s) of lungtas and we will make them and hang them for you directly in the Gar for a recommended donation of 1 Euro for 1 piece of lungta (or more if you wish). The minimum set consists of 5 pieces of lungtas.

Your generous donations will be used for covering the expenses of producing further lungtas.

In this case please fill a short registration form and send your generous donation to the Merigar East PayPal account .

Of course you can support this project anytime, with any amount and repeatedly.

Long life to our Master!

With love

Merigar East Gakyil and Geko

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