Merigar East Autumn-Winter 2023

Despite the fact that the Merigar East Gar remains in “hibernation” during the cold autumn-winter months, the practice is keeping active by continuing both online and onsite programs. 

Thus, during October 13-15 we had the opportunity to be guided online with dedication and patience by Oliver Leick through the open course on The Six Perfections. Perhaps this topic no longer appeals to you, but we invite you to consider a simple exercise: what does “perfect” mean to you?

Through these profound teachings we explored and understood the challenges many of us face along the way as well as applying them to our lives in a way that makes them practical and accessible.

From 24-26 November we continued the project started in the past, to transform the land at ME, intensively exploited years ago, into a real oasis using permaculture plans developed since 2009. People from inside and outside the community enthusiastically joined the project and planted around 30 trees, despite the bad weather, planting seeds for those who will come to enjoy their shade and benefits. 

Even though for a short time the doors of ME remain closed, we are happy to announce that we are preparing to welcome the Western New Year from December 29th to January 1st with an unique retreat under the guidance of Aleksander Skwara, renowned Santi Maha Sangha instructor. If you feel that “Healing the Heart and Bringing Peace to the World – Living as the Total State of Being” resonates with your heart, we invite you to ME to join us or connect online to fully benefit from the splendor of an open heart and spontaneous manifestation of our Real  State. Details here.

merigar east winter 2023Regarding the Tibetan New Year, we prepare manually together with generous volunteers some of the prayer flags. We invite you to participate in this Lungtas production campaign or order your Lungta sets directly from our website and choose whether you want them hung in our beautiful Gar or shipped to your home : east winter 2023

Autumn covers the earth with an amber cloak dreaming of childhood stories heard in the warmth of the home, and the Black Sea sings its tumultuous symphony caressing the sand of the shore.

We invite and prepare for you to discover with us the magic of winter at the Sea, at Merigar East, about which our Master after seeing this place said : “Look around, you see, there’s more sky than earth. It’s like a big sky mandala. It is rare to find such a perfect sky mandala.”

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