Merigar East New Gakyil and Annual General Assembly

merigar east new gakyil

L-r: Kveta Svedova, Magda Ourecka, Erika Motylova, Veronika Mihai. Front row: Piotr Marcik, Marcin Piniak, Alexandru Anton.

The Annual General Assembly Meeting of Merigar East was held during the summer retreat entitled ‘Introduction to the practice of presence and awareness’ with Fabio Risolo in 23 August (the village name) on 29 July 2018. A new Gakyil was unanimously elected in the presence of members of the Gar, Lings and community members. We managed to enlarge the Gakyil from 3 to 6 members in order to be able to cover all the duties and activities that are necessary to support the Sangha and for the smooth running of the Gar.

As new members we would like to say THANK YOU to the previous Gakyil: Lucian Maidanuc, Csaba Molnar and Magda Ourecka (she decided to continue) who did a great job, and gave a lot of support and collaboration. We hope we can continue to improve and develop all the qualities of this place so that it can become a place for joy, collaboration and relaxation for all beings.

Merigar East Gakyil 2018
Blue: Erika Motylova – SK, Veronika Mihai – RO
Red: Piotr Marcik – PL, Marcin Piniak – PL
Yellow: Magda Ourecka – CZ, Kveta Svedova – CZ
Geko: Alexandru Anton – RO


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