Happy Days at Merigar East

merigar east painting mandalas

On 17th May 2017, at Merigar East, Romania, Migmar Tsering set a new International Dzogchen Community world record by painting two solar Vajra Dance Mandalas in 5 days. Migmar was helped by Tamara Khamdamova , Sholpan Temirkhanova (Russia), Dessi, Violet (Bulgaria), Gabriella Schneider (Germany), Iuliana, Karina, Veronica, Alexandru and our dear geko Mihai (Romania). As we send you this joyous news, our hands are still painted in the colors of the five elements.

Many thanks to everybody who supported this project! If you would like to make a personal connection with these two new mandalas, you still have a chance by donating for this fresh project here (it takes about one week for the mandalas to be fully ripe and danceable!)


From now on, Merigar East welcomes dakinis and dakas on three Vajra Dance mandalas for practicing this precious Upadesha of our dearest Master.

Thank you, Rinpoche!

With best wishes from Merigar East!

Alexandru Anton for ME Gakyil

merigar east painting mandalas

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