Talk with Migmar Tsering, Losar and Gardening

February – March in Merigar East

Gonpa as Object of Merit

Talk with Migmar Tsering, 26th February, 11 AM EET

Gonpa, lhakhang or other types of buildings hosting rituals and practices are typically a central element of any Buddhist centre.

Well-built and beautifully decorated, they are not only spaces for collective practices, but also objects of reverence, devotion and generosity. They are perfect places to develop bodhicitta.

Migmar Tsering is an expert in Tibetan sacred arts and will accompany us in a series of events related to this topic.
The event is free of charge and will be translated to various languages.


Pruning and gardening

Garden enthusiasts, wait no more –  it´s a great opportunity to have first-hand experience and learn/share valuable knowledge regarding tree care or horticulture in general.
We´ll be pruning fruit trees (stone varieties, linden and various deciduous trees) and doing general clearing of the vegetation around the fence.


Approaching Losar,
The Tibetan New Year

We are preparing for Losar and for the spring. This Year’s Losar will be on the 3rd of March and the activities in the Gar will start from the 26th, and last for a week.
For Losar days we will prepare special dishes, Khaita Joyful Dances, offerings and purification, hanging auspicious Tibetan Prayer Flags.


You can see the detailed calendar of events and practices here.

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