Merigar East SMS Course with Gabriella Schneider and Oana Marcu

SMS course Merigar EastBetween 18th and 22nd May we had the luxury to participate in a Santi Maha Sangha course taught in the Romanian language by both of the instructors present. Although we were prepared to provide translation if somebody requiring it had appeared, all the participants were Romanian speakers. The language barrier can be quite heavy especially if the command of English is not perfect and the topics discussed are complex, so we were all very lucky to enjoy these circumstances!

SMS course Merigar East Gabriella Schneider skillfully explained the first part of ‘The Precious Vase’ and there was a full 5 days in this regard. Yantra Yoga instructor Oana Marcu regularly instructed us on how to melt down the laboriously accumulated tensions and helped everybody reach a more concrete experience of kumbhaka.

SMS course Merigar East
Although it was an intense course, all the participants were very happy about it. They returned home forever touched by the cozy feeling of the Merigar East MultiFun house, with memories of late night sessions of the Game of Liberation.

Heartfelt thanks to the instructors for their kindness and dedication, to everyone who took the time and energy to participate and contribute, and to our dearest Rinpoche, without whom all of this would never have taken place.

Merigar East Geko,
Alexandru Anton

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