Merigar East Summer Program Update!

merigar east program update
Dear friends,

We are bringing some fresh news regarding the summer program at Merigar East!

As you may know because of the restrictions connected to the COVID-19 situation we couldn’t make our original summer program fully happen but now we are back with even more tempting update of our program. So let’s check what is going to happen at the sunflower Gar.

The Practice of Green Tara and Her 21 Manifestations
Explanation and practice retreat with Oliver Leick
31st July – 6th August 2020
For registration and more information go here: east/upcoming-events/the- practice-of-green-tara-and- and-her-21-manifestations

The Practice Retreat on the Vajra Dance
Intensive Practice Retreat according to the instructions from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu with Zoli Cser.
7th – 11th August 2020
For registration and more information go here: east/upcoming-events/the- practice-retreat-on-the-vajra- dance

Attainment of the Immortal Vajra Life
Practice Retreat with Elio Guarisco.
18th – 21st August 2020
To be confirmed.

Learn the Definitive Way to Contemplation
A Practice Retreat with Essential Instructions with Elio Guarisco.
22nd – 26th August 2020
To be confirmed.


Here you can find the latest list of the countries from which you can enter Romanian territory without having to spend the time in the quarantine:

https://www. i-lista-actualizata-a- statelor-exceptate-de-la- aplicarea-masurii-de-izolare- 20539.html

For taking part in any of the retreats in Merigar East you need to register in advance! The number of the participants is limited.

During the retreats specific rules need to be adopted according to the COVID-19 situation. You will be informed in advance.

For more information please contact us on

With love

Merigar East Gakyil and Geko

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