Merigar West Weekly Program 27 November-3 December

Monday 27 at 6:00 p.m. Full moon Ganapuja with authentication of the Namkha. Also on Monday at 9:00 a.m. the online Breathe class with Natasha Priymak on zoom begins . In addition to the usual practices and classes, over the weekend we will have the KuNye Tibetan Massage Class with Aldo Oneto.On Sunday we will have lunch at Merigar at 1 pm where everyone can contribute their own dish or drink and help with cleaning up.

Have a great week!

Monday, November 27
15:30 Study group on “Teaching in a Perfect Way,” discover the words of the Master for teachers and practitioners of the Dzogchen Community, in the library and on Zoom
for information please contact Elisa Copello.
18:00 Full Moon Ganapuja with authentication of the Namkha, Mandala Hall

Tuesday, November 28
18:00 Mandarava Practice, Mandala Hall

Wednesday, November 29
16:30 Khaita Joyful Dances, Mandala Hall

Thursday, November 30
18:15 Vajra Dance, Mandala Hall

Friday, December 1
16:00 Yantra Yoga weekly course for beginners, Mandala Hall
17:30 Khaita Joyful Dances, Mandala Hall

Saturday, December 2
10:00 /12::00 – 15:00/17:00  Vajra Dance Retreat, Mandala Hall

Sunday, December 3
10:00 /12::00 – 15:00/17:00 Vajra Dance Retreat, Mandala Hall
13:00 Lunch in Merigar with specialties and drinks brought by practitioners, Yellow House

Courses on line
From Thursday 19 October – 18.00 Yantra Yoga Course for Beginners in English via Zoom
link for registrations


  • Respira con Natasha Priymak, – Monday 9:00
  • Yantra Yoga Open Level – Wednesday, 17.30
  • Yantra Yoga Advanced Level – Friday, 17.30
  • Yoga on a Chair – Friday, 9.00
  • Yantra Yoga advanced on variations and the 7 lotus, with Oni Mac Kinstry, Saturday 8:00
  • Yantra Yoga Medium Level – Sunday, 8.30

The link to participate online is , for the connection you can contact Dina.

Ass. Culturale Comunità Dzogchen – Merigar
Loc. Merigar, 58031 Arcidosso (GR) Italy
Tel. +39 0564 966837 +39 0564 966322

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