Latest from Merigar – Welcome Babies and Children

Children visiting Merigar now have their own play area inside the yellow house. The corner in the dining room has a platform with a large pillow and a book box within hand’s reach. There are blocks (wood and plastic), puzzles, cars & trucks, and stuffed animals ready on a low bench.  There is also paper, coloured pens, scissors and glue in an ‘arts ‘n crafts’ box.  There is also a crate with balls and rackets for play outside on the grass.
This is the children’s own space that they can take care of themselves.
Older children, please show the little ones how to put toys and books away. Younger children, help the older children have fun and enjoy the space.
And for the new arrivals, the babies, there are high chairs in the dining area.  A message went out through the Merigar Family whats app group for a changing table. Within 12 days of the request it appeared.  Thank you to whomever brought it in, it now has its place in the bathroom. And thank you to Laura Evangelisti for additional  stuffed animals and wonderful books.
Parents and adults are also welcome to play, read and draw in this new space.

Constance Soehnlen
August 30th,  2023


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