Merigar West Membership Renewal 2023

merigar membership renewal 2023Merigar International Dzogchen Community

Dear friends,

All of us members of Merigar have the privilege and the duty to support our Gar so that it can continue the practice of the Dzogchen Teaching as transmitted by our beloved Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. In this way the benefits of the Teaching can be enjoyed by all members of the International Dzogchen Community and contribute to the evolution of every sentient being.

Membership fees are an important part of the funds that allow us to achieve this goal, making it possible to maintain Merigar’s facilities and allowing all members and those interested to participate in the many activities of the Community.

This is a short list of the activities we organize at Merigar, and which you can all follow in our facilities – the Gönpa, the Mandala Hall, and the Cinerarium – and online:

  • watching videos of the Master’s retreats and related guided practices
  • practice retreats throughout the year
  • Yantra Yoga courses
  • Vajra Dance classes
  • Khaita courses
  • Meditation courses and seminars
  • study and practice of Santi Maha Sangha

At Merigar we also organize social dinners and lunches during the year and Karma Yoga groups to maintain our gardens, the Gönpa, and the Stupa, all activities that strengthen our friendship and create an atmosphere of collaboration and enjoyment.

Membership is a tangible sign of being part of the Dzogchen Community, and of sharing its mission to support the Precious Teachings of Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

With this message we would therefore like to remind you of the importance of renewing your 2023 membership, a fundamental element for the life of the Gar. In fact, it is the contribution of each member that makes the ordinary life of Merigar possible.

In addition, if you have forgotten to pay your membership for 2022, there’s still time to do it.

You can find further explanations at this link:

If you want to renew your membership card but are experiencing serious financial difficulties, please contact the Gakyil by sending an email to <> and we will find a solution together.

You can register by going in person to your ling or to Merigar, or by sending the fee by bank transfer or Paypal.

These are the types of membership for 2023:

Ordinary member €129
Supporting Member €500
Meritorious Member €1,500

Please specify the reason for bank transfers or paypal:
membership 2023 (specify the name of the member, type of membership, whether balance or down payment)

Name of the account:
Merigar Dzogchen Community – Loc. Merigar 58031 Arcidosso Grosseto Italy
current account no. 3120.29 ABI 01030 CAB 72160
IBAN Code IT64 N010 3072 1600 0000 0312 029

By paypal or credit card:
Loc. Merigar 58031 Arcidosso GR (Grosseto)

Thank you, now and for the future.

Wishing all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2023 and, if possible, come to Merigar to celebrate with us!

The Gakyil of Merigar

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