Merigar West Weekly Program 13-19 December 2021

 The weather situation is improving (the Gar has not been accessible due to a heavy snowfall), however, before coming, please make sure of accessibility and that the program is confirmed.
The Ganapuja on Monday 13 at Merigar is cancelled due to snow. Instead it will be webcast at 18:00 from Dzamling Gar.
Inside the Gönpa and the Mandala Room, please continue following social distancing and wear a mask. Please check the program to see which activities require a green pass.
Thanks for your collaboration

Monday December 13th
17:00 (Tenerife time)/18:00 (Italian time) Ganapuja in webcast from Dzamling Gar

Tuesday December 14th
18:30 Weekly course on the basis of the Santi Maha Sangha in Italian, via zoom

Wednesday December 15th
16:00 Study group (in presence in the library and on zoom – for participation contact Elisa)
18:00 Yantra Yoga for beginners (Mandala Room, with green pass)

Thursday December 16th
15:40 Song of the texts of the Mekhor and the Message from Tibet, and from 16 to 17 Khaita (Mandala Room, with green pass)

Saturday December 18th
17:00 Full Moon Ganapuja with Namkha authentication (Gönpa)
18:30 Practice of Chöd (Gönpa)

Sunday December 19th
8:30 Yantra Yoga Practice (Mandala Room, with green pass)
16:00 – 17:30, Cutting lungta (Dining room) with green pass
18:15 – 19:15 –  Vajra Dance Practice, Pamo and Pawo (Gönpa)

Practice via Zoom
The online practice of Yantra Yoga continues on Sunday at 8.30 am; Yoga on a chair Wednesday 9:00am. The link to participate online is, for the connection you can contact Dina. Respira is on Friday at 09:00 with Natasha here:

Ass. Culturale Comunità Dzogchen – Merigar
Loc. Merigar, 58031 Arcidosso (GR) Italy
Tel. +39 0564 966837 +39 0564 968110

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