Merigar West Weekly Program 30 August-5 September 2021

This week, in addition to the Ganapuja on Wednesday 1 September, we will do a Ngagkong practice for which we ask you to choose a tun you wish to participate in by filling out the online form . 

We remind you that to participate in the various events it is necessary to register. Within the Gönpa and other structures, social distancing should be observed and masks should be worn.
Please leave your car in the parking lot and do not use cars within Merigar and near the Yellow House.
Thank you for your collaboration.

The weekly program is available on the Merigar website – .

Wednesday 1 September
16:30 volunteer meeting (outside of the yellow house)
17:00 Khaita (outside platform)
18:30 Medium Ganapuja (Gönpa and webcast)

Saturday 4 September
10:00-16:00 Intensive practice of Ngagkong*

Sunday 5 September
11:00 Welcome to Merigar
18:15 On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, the Merigar Library is organizing: Visions of hell: Dante’s imagination and the Buddhist perspective 

*On 4th of September 2021 we will dedicate a day to the practice of Ngagkong: starting at 9.00 with a medium thun, up to the offerings to the guardians, when we will continue with the recitation of Ngagkong uninterrupted until 16.00. Anyone wishing to participate can join in for one or more sessions of two hours each, from 10 to 12, 12 to 14, 14 to 16. The practitioners that join these sessions should do the tun practice internally up to the transformation and then join the other practitioners in collectively reciting the mantra. Remember to bring your tun book and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Ngagkong is a practice of the principle guardians of the Dzogchen teachings: Ekajati, Rahula and Dorje Legpa. It is a practice particularly suited to enter into contact with these guardians which can be guaranteed to give help and support in the practice and in everyday activities, especially in important or special circumstances

The XIX Training for Tibetan Translators continues in the library and online.

Practices via Zoom
The online practice of Yantra Yoga continues Sunday at 8.30 am; Yoga on a chair Wednesday 9:00am  The link to participate is, for the connection you can contact Dina

Ass. Culturale Comunità Dzogchen – Merigar
Loc. Merigar, 58031 Arcidosso (GR) Italy
Tel. +39 0564 966837 +39 0564 968110

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