Merigar West Weekly Program 30 October-5 November

merigar program 30 OctoberThis week in addition to the usual practices November 2-5 will be dedicated to Shitro Practice.
Sunday the 5th potluck lunch at Merigar.

Monday 30 October
15:30 Study group on “Teaching in a perfect way”, discover the Master’s words for teachers and practitioners of the Dzogchen Community, in presence in the library and on Zoom. For information contact Elisa Copello.

Tuesday 31 October
18:00 Tara Practice, in the Mandala Hall

Wednesday 1 November
16:30 Joyful Khaita Dances, Mandala Hall
17:45  Yantra Yoga practice, Mandala Hall

Thursday 2 November
10:00 Shitro, Mandala Hall
16:00 Shitro, Mandala Hall
17:15 Vajra Dance, Mandala Hall

Friday 3 November
10:00 Shitro, MandalaHall
16:00 Shitro, Mandala Hall
17:00  Khaita,  Mandala Hall
18:15 Vajra Dance, Mandala Room

Saturday 4 November
10:00 Shitro, Mandala Room
16:00 Shitro, Mandala Room

Sunday 5 November
10:00 Shitro, Mandala Room
10:30 Welcome to Merigar with meditation experience to follow in the Mandala Room
13:00 Lunch in Merigar with specialties and drinks brought by the practitioners

Courses on line
From Thursday 19 October –   18.00 Yantra Yoga Course for Beginners in English via Zoom
link for registrations


  • Yantra Yoga Open Level – Wednesday, 17.30
  • Yantra Yoga Advanced Level – Friday, 17.30
  • Yoga on a Chair – Friday, 9.00
  • Yantra Yoga advanced on variations and the 7 lotus, with Oni Mac Kinstry, Saturday 9:00
  • Yantra Yoga Medium Level – Sunday, 8.30

The link to participate online is , for the connection you can contact Dina.

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