Merigar West Yantra Yoga – Perfect Collaboration

By Dina Priymak

Last week our Online Yantra Yoga Course for Beginners, 11 October 2022 – 30 May 2023, which I conducted together with my dear friends and colleagues Letizia Pizzetti, Michele Corrado and Luigi Vittiello (the meditation part) came to an end.

We met once a week on Zoom to introduce new movements and practise what had already been taught. During the meetings, we taught the basics and principles of Yantra Yoga, always starting with warm-up exercises, then explaining and practising together the movements and positions of Yantra Yoga, combined with breathing, and then the final relaxation.

In addition, once a month the class was shared with Gino Vitiello, who led wonderful sessions on ‘meditation, breath and awareness’ that were very useful for integrating self-awareness into the practice of Yantra Yoga. This aspect is also fundamental for giving greater effectiveness and depth to the practice itself.

We also held a weekend on Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama, in presence at Merigar, March 11-12, dedicated to those who were following our online course and those who could come. It was nice to interact with everyone who was present in a much more direct and immediate way. The weekend course covered a lot of exercises and, above all, focussed on the breath. The energy was wonderful throughout the course.

I’m really happy that this weekly online course, which has had some continuity throughout the year, has brought us together so much!  I would like to sincerely thank my fellow instructors (Michele, Letizia and Gino) and also the participants for the commitment and energy they put into learning the basics of Yantra Yoga!

See you next year!

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