Message from Tashigar Norte Gakyil about Upcoming Program

Dear Vajra Family,

As many of you know, Tashigar Norte reopens its doors with a face-to-face program from December 2023 to March 2024. It has been a wait of more than 10 years, until circumstances have improved to such an extent that we feel safe to receive you all.

Our main limitations remain the same, this is the little human and financial resources currently in the Gar. That is why, in order to provide you with the best possible experience during your visit, we require your early participation confirming your serious interest in coming, for which we have created a pre-registration survey. The information collected will allow us to focus our resources on what will need to be prepared.

The general conditions of Margarita are stable. We are experiencing a transition towards normality, but certainly there are still certain processes and/or services that are not optimized. There is a relatively good supply of food, including basic necessities, services such as the Internet have improved substantially, there is no more exchange control, so international debit and credit cards are accepted in most shops and businesses. Similarly, the current currency is the US dollar. In terms of citizen security there are no recent events to worry about. Still the income level of local people is very limited.

Venezuela’s connectivity in general has improved, but it is still quite restricted. There are direct flights to Porlamar from Moscow via CONVIASA and through a number of various tour operators using charter flights. Via Caracas there is connectivity with Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Curacao and Peru. From Europe there are direct flights from Madrid, Lisbon and Tenerife. Russian, European, Mexican, Argentine and British citizens do not require a visa. It is advisable to look for options with Venezuelan airlines that may not be associated with the best-known web search engines, so it is necessary to access their websites directly. It is announced direct flights to Porlamar from Madrid and Warsaw for October, so be aware about it, if we confirm they are operative we will communicate it. In any case, we leave you the following list of airlines currently flying to to Venezuela:


PLUS ULTRA (Tenerife – Caracas / Madrid – Caracas / Madrid – Porlamar*
IBERIA (Madrid-Caracas)
TAB (Lisbon-Caracas)
* Announced from October




SATENA (via Bogota)

Chilean, Peruvian and US citizens must request their visas. From recent visitor experiences, we know that they are being granted.

The entire Teaching program will be organized under the principle of Generosity, with a recommended donation. We invoke the conscience of each participant to do their best. Tashigar Norte evidently requires funds for its subsistence, if you can be generous, we invite you to leave a larger contribution than recommended; and on the other hand, if you do not have enough to cover it, this should not be an impediment to your participation. We always find ways to collaborate. Accommodation and food services will be offered at cost, without lucrative margins. The idea is to make this event possible. As a reference we attach the program and the suggested donations for each event.

10-14 December 
Course of the Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings led by Vajra Dance  Instructor Anna Apraksina
Course is open to all
Suggested Donation US$ 60
Per day US$ 15

27-30 December 
Retreat with SMS Instructor Grigory Mokhin
“Guruyoga as a Base of Contemplation”
For people with transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Yeshi Namkhai.
Suggested Donation US$ 70
Per day US$ 15

4-8 January 
Retreat with SMS Instructor Grigory Mokhin
For people with transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Yeshi Namkhai.
Suggested Donation US$ 80
Per day US$ 15

12-14 January
Course of the Vajra Dance of the Three Vajras
Led by Vajra Dance  Instructor Anna Apraksina
Course is open to all.
Suggested Donation US$ 40
Per day US$ 15

3-8 February 
The Khalong Dorjeikar of the Song of Vajra
Led by International Vajra Dance Teacher Prima Mai
Only for people with transmission and know already one or more Vajra Dances. Also it is indispensable to know the Song of Vajra by heart.
Suggested Donation US$ 150
Per day US$ 30

10-24 February – Losar Practice Retreat 
Morning: Mandarava with breathing practice of  Sogthig and Tsalung  with Grigory Mokhin (to be confirmed)
Afternoon: Gomadevi inner practice with Vajra Dance with Prima Mai and Rita Renzi

March 1-3 
Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings VDBB supervised by Prima Mai
Course is open to all, beginners and those who already know the dance and want to deepen their knowledge.
Suggested Donation US$ 80
Per day US$ 30

March 8-9 
Vajra Dance course : The Dance of the Three Vajras
Supervised by Prima Mai
Course is open to all
Suggested Donation US$ 50
Per day US$ 30

Jñana Dhakini Retreat and Sinhamuka Practice retreat with Steven Landsberg

In the attached pre-registration survey, we are basically requiring to gather information to develop our work plan based on the participants who wish to stay within the Gar. In all cases, due to logistical limitations, only accommodation is offered, food will be provided in the main dining room of the Gar. We will work with the circumstances and according to the demand we will have to configure the available spaces. We must clarify that due to the time that the facilities have not been used, many of them present small aesthetic inconveniences but are in no way functional. They all offer comfort. As more events start to flow, we will be able to make the necessary improvements to the infrastructure of the Gar.


For the first week of September we plan to launch our new website that will contain all the required information related to our programs; as well as the necessary recommendations so that you can enjoy your visit in the best possible way. Also there you will find the proper registration process.

Grateful for your attention,

Gakyil of Tashigar Norte

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