Message from Tashigar Norte June 2022

Message from Tashigar North Red Gakyil

Dear All,

We send our greetings from Tashigar Norte in Venezuela. As some of you know, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary since the foundation. Most of us have a special place in our memories for what perhaps were the Wonder Years of our beloved Community, and related to these memories what Rinpoche used to call this place: a paradise. It is true that we have been going through difficult circumstances but, as we were always told, everything is impermanent and nothing lasts forever. So, despite these hard times, Tashigar Norte was and still is a paradise, a Sacred place consecrated for practice, a powerful energy spot, and, as any other Gar of the IDC, our home.

Venezuela is going through a recovery phase. The economy has become stable, there is no hyperinflation anymore, no regulations on prices, a better situation regarding security, and little by little is being reintegrated into the world. International airlines are starting operations again, there are available flights from Russia, Turkey, France, Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, and according to the authorities a bigger expansion on air routes due to the reduction of the restrictions and sanctions the regime is under. All this can be translated as better circumstances to live and visit. There is no scarcity of goods and the country is recovering the sensation of being normal.

The resident members of Tashigar Norte have handled the situation as best as we can, always working with circumstances. Currently we are engaged in the Project related to Rinpoche’s advice to work on agri-tourism. We are offering a full day that includes a tour for the Gar, trekking activities, talks on permaculture, visiting our Gönpa, arts exhibitions, Vajra Dance presentations and a gastronomic activity. We decided to call the project Delek Margarita @delekmargarita on Instagram. This project is aimed at starting to create the basis for our self-maintenance. Yet we feel that somehow we are losing our real reason to be, a place for Practice and Practitioners.

Tashigar Norte does not have a large base of members and does not have any associated Lings. We have not hosted any IDC official activity since 2015 due the lack of instructors around, and the last time we had the opportunity to have Rinpoche with us in 2013 seems very far away. He is not anymore with us, we all miss him, but we know we are all doing our best to keep going as he always wished for the Community. The conjunction of several circumstances lets us invite you to participate actively in the preservation of this Sacred Place. There are many ways to do so, with the merits of your practice, with some particular donation, with a short visit, or even going further, participating as a resident.

We have 7 properties available to sell, 4 inside the Gar village and 3 outside. Most of these properties were donated to the Tashigar Norte Gakyil, and we expect to find individual practitioners, groups of practitioners, Gakyils or IDC entities that can engage with this initiative in order to contribute to maintaining Rinpoche’s vision for Tashigar Norte for the future. For this reason we have created a website with a catalog of the available properties and some practical information. We also have a team of collaborators who can provide you with some extra information. Thanks to Artem Taranenko and Paola Civile for contributing to this special task. The properties are priced as a special offer for all our Vajra Family worldwide. Our interest is to bring back some energy to keep us moving. Especially the properties inside the Gar, because the Villagers of Tashigar Norte were, are, and will be responsible to contribute with 50% of our yearly budget, so their support is crucial for Tashigar Norte’s survival. In that order we can offer you the following properties. For this reason we have modified our Tashi Shop website in order to give more information related to this.

Please visit:



If you have memories of Zaragoza Beach, Shariputra and Incommensurable Joy, perhaps you can recall this house. Placed at a few meters from the Caribbean Sea, it is a perfect spot to live, to make a little investment like a beach restaurant, to rent. It has a first floor with toilet, living room and kitchen and a second floor with bedroom with toilet and balcony towards the Caribbean Sea. The house was generously donated by the Namkhai family to Tashigar Norte. 20% of the sale income will be directed to Tashigar South, as our beloved Rosa has instructed us to do. Price US$ 70,000.


Situated in the main square of Pedro Gonzalez (5 minutes from the Gar and Zaragoza Beach) 240 square meters of building plus 200 square meters of garden. It is composed of a large patio in the center, 2 bedrooms, a huge living room, a dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The house was kindly donated by Adriana Dal Borgo. US$ 20,000.


Situated on the main road of Pedro Gonzalez (5 minutes from the Gar and Zaragoza Beach) is a nice house with land. Total area is 1,112 square meters with a perimeter wall, two large entrances with gates, fruit trees, a 12-square-meter deposit, and an 18,000 liter underground tank. The house has an area of 55 square meters, consists of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, corridor, open kitchen, roof of rods with tiles, tiled and terracotta floor. The house used to belong to a practitioner who sold it to a third person. He is pricing the house at US$ 15,000. US$ 5,000 will be donated to Tashigar Norte.

All these properties have a common property regime. It means they can be sold directly from owner to buyer. In order to do this, you need an investor visa (check requirements in the closest Venezuelan consular office). Once you have been issued the visa, you need a special permission in order to buy property. There are some lawyers that facilitate all this process, you can receive additional information contacting our support team. Check the contact information below.



A beautifully equipped apartment with fine finishes and exclusive materials. Parking lot, kitchen, living room with toilet, bedroom with toilet and back yard of exclusive use. Approximately 70 square meters. The house used to belong to Aloka. Thanks to the generosity of Illa, her daughter, 50% of the sale will be donated to Tashigar Norte. Price US$ 25,000.


Cozy and functional apartment of approximately 40 square meters, with a beautiful view of Pedro González valley and Zaragoza beach. It consists of a comfortable bedroom, a bathroom, and kitchen with a balcony. Fully equipped. Price $18,000.


A beautiful house with 2 floors. On the first floor you have a balcony with a view to an external garden, a kitchen, living room, and toilet. On the second floor is the bedroom. Approximately 65 square meters. This house has been donated by Fabio Andrico. It is placed in the same lot where Adriana Dal Borgo has her house, which is an exact mirror of this one. Price US$ 15,000.


A comfortable house, partially equipped, 100 square meters. Composed of a living room, kitchen and a bedroom, with a balcony towards the backyard. It has an extra room with a little kitchen and toilet that can be rented or incorporated to the main house. Price US$ 25,000.

All the houses inside the Gar have a special regime of property. The house or lot owner possesses shares of an overall property, sharing the land with IDC assets (A 30 acres farm) These shares allow an owner the exclusive use of a lot, and what is built on it for his private usages and can be inherited. It is mandatory to be a member of the IDC at least three years in a row. What you buy is the shares that give you the perpetual use of this land. The buyer will receive a property title issued by the owner association, and its shares will be placed in custody in the IDC legal figure in Venezuela until the proper documentation is processed. It is the same regime the current villagers of Tashigar Norte are under. The main benefit to live inside the Gar will be to have the proper places to practice, empowered by our Teacher and collective practice and relatively speaking, a secure environment, just a few steps from home, with all services including water, which is an issue in the island.

All the revenues generated from these sales will serve to create a maintenance fund for the Gar and investment fund to be applied on a project carefully structured, with a clear business blueprint that will have to be submitted to the local Gakyil and approved by them together with PCTN Board, TN Advisors and International Gakyil opinion.

We hope some of you may be interested in this unique opportunity to invest in a beautiful property, in a very special location and with a specific mission we were trusted with. We cannot end this message without expressing our gratitude to all our worldwide Community, but in a very special way to the villagers of Tashigar Norte, without their constant financial support it would not be possible to persevere as we are doing it, so Robin Bennett, Berta Becerra, Delma Miralles, Valter Bianchini, Michel Dubourdieu, Carmen Rivas, Igor Legati, Anna Pucci, Mark Farrington, Adriana Dal Borgo, Maria Angelica Gomez, Adriano Clemente, Prima Mai, Rosemary Friend, Douglas Uzcategui, Paola Civile, Raul Barattini, Dmitri Kalmikov, Olga Kalmicova, Gabriella Dalesio, Efrem Marder, Marith Cramner, Bodhi Krause, Stella Sangiorgi, Diane Campbell, Carissa O’Kelly, James Smith, Steven Landsberg, Fanny Santos, Elias Capriles, Mayda Hocevar, Rolando Carrasco and Marina Kashkurova; thank you for continuing to believe that it is still possible to keep going. We hope that by the end of this year we can have some extra names on this particular list.

We cannot finish this message without recalling our Master words:

“… We are here in Margarita. And you all know we had some problems in Margarita. That’s why I am not living here as I was before, only coming for a short time while we are doing a retreat. But many people think I have almost renounced Tashigar Norte: that is wrong, I will never renounce Tashigar Norte. In Tashigar Norte I gave so many important Dzogchen Teachings, this is a Sacred place, we empower it, we prepare it; forever we will continue here, so you must not think that” (November 9th, 2010)

On behalf of Tashigar Norte Gakyil and residents,

Rolando Carrasco
Yellow Gakyil of Tashigar Norte
PCTN associate and administrator





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