The Metal Ox Year & the Tibetan Mewas

metal ox tibetan mewas

An online public seminar with Migmar Tsering on how to harmonize your energy for the current Tibetan Metal Ox year.

On Sunday March 14, 2021, a short two-hour online course on Tibetan astrology, in particular on the aspects of the current year the Year of the Metal Ox, was organized by Merigar East together with the Dynamic Space of the Elements Cultural Association and the Ati Yoga Foundation.

metal ox tibetan mewas

Oliver Leick and Migmar Tsering

After a brief presentation by the Merigar East Gakyil, Oliver Leick and Marco Baseggio (member of the board of directors and director of the Ati Yoga Foundation respectively) described in a simple and essential way the role of the ATIF, using the metaphor of the tree: the roots are the Teaching that was received from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the trunk (the ATIF), has its branches (the various entities of the Community) and leaves (the sangha). To this Marco Baseggio added his personal memories of Merigar East, encouraging all forms of collaboration between the different groups within the Community.

I had the pleasure of attending the first Tibetan astrology course that took place three years ago at Dzamling Gar led by the Dynamic Space team who helped us with great patience. This time the meeting took place online during which Migmar Tsering was able to present Tibetan astrology in a nutshell. It is a real teaching, which requires years of study and practice. Rinpoche himself was very expert in astrology, so much so that he wrote the text that Migmar uses as a base for his courses.

It is not a journey among the stars as we are used to in the West, but rather a journey into ourselves, an unprecedented perspective on our relationship with the world made up of relationships, balances, and interrelations. At our birth, the structure of the elements of which we are composed is formed, and that is their relationship, specific to each of us.

metal ox tibetan mewasFinally Migmar went to the heart of the current Metal Ox year, arousing further curiosity and interest.

The two hour course flew by. Migmar was kind and helpful but above all very prepared and concluded by talking a little about the objectives of the Dynamic Space of the Elements association.

Thank you Merigar East. Thank you to everyone. Thank you Rinpoche.

Edith Casadei

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