‘The Mind That Meditates’ Conference in Rome

the mind that meditates

l-r: Riccardo Caradonna, Stefano Canali, Francesco Ferretti, Costantino Maria Albini, Elio Guarisco

On February 3, at the Roma3 university in Rome, Italy, and in collaboration with Zhenphenling, a conference was held entitled: The mind that meditates. The conference was followed by two workshops on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February led by Costantino Albini and Elio Guarisco respectively.

Overall the event was very positive: a collaborative relationship was established between Zhenphenling and the University – which hosted all events free of charge – and topics were discussed in depth mutually enriching all the participants.

The first talk was by Prof. Chiaradonna on ‘Meditation and knowledge in ancient thought’ followed by Prof. Stefano Canali who spoke about the neurobiological aspects of human behavior related to compassion.

Finally Elio Guarisco and Costantino Albini gave talks on ‘The application of complete presence’ and ‘Focused attention in Buddhist contemplation’ respectively. In the afternoon the panel discussion involved both the public and the speakers in an intense exchange of points of view and insights.

It is hoped that this experience can be repeated as soon as possible with topics of common interest.

the mind that meditates

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