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Dear All,

We now have a playlist with several dances demonstration videos accompanied with English subtitles on our Khaita YouTube channel, to help understanding the meaning, choreography and mudras.

These include some of our most significative dances, such as:

Tashi Monlam/ Invocation of Fortune that we use as a dedication of merits at the end of our dancing sessions

Lasoggi Drodkhol/ The Warmth of Our Life Force about which Choegyal Namkhai Norbu said: “If I had to leave a testament to the Tibetans I would leave this particular song.”

and several other dances.

We are planning to add subtitles to more dances videos in the near future, so keep checking this playlist for new videos!

In addition to subtitles, the information field under the video now includes: full translation text; a link to the original Tibetan music video; and, for Tashi Monlam & Lasoggi Drodkhol, a link to the article on the Mirror website with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s commentaries on those songs & dances.

IMPORTANT: to see the subtitles, you need to enable subtitles/ captions on your YouTube. Go to the menu in the upper right corner (for the phone) or bottom right corner (for laptop) of the video and choose CC/Captions/Subtitles > English.

Huge thanks go to all the collaborators – from dancers to translators, video and audio editors and many many others!

With many Tashi Delegs from Dzamling Gar,
Lena Dumcheva

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