Munselling Japanese Sangha Retreat in Kyoto

Munselling Japanese Sangha Retreat

The Munselling Japanese Sangha Retreat was held at the Rohm Theatre in Kyoto for five days at the end of this summer. The Retreat was well attended by over 60 participants from both the Kansai and Tokyo regions.

The schedule was full and extremely active. Each morning, Tetsu Nagasawa gave SMS Base instruction, followed by a bento lunch together. Each afternoon, Urara Taoka led a course in Vajra Dance with two full mandalas, then led two hours of Khaita in front of the famous Heian Shrine with the help of Svetlana Vajnine. Yoko Morita taught Yantra Yoga every morning and afternoon. In addition, Keigo Yoneda gave an extensive explanation of Transmission, and the Retreat concluded with a wonderful Ganapuja and fantastic performance of Okinawan folk music.

Munselling Japanese Sangha Retreat

It was a joyful and amazing opportunity for the Japanese students of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to reunite and also introduce the Teachings to many newcomers to the Dzogchen Commmunity.

Scott Diamond

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