My Reincarnation and Light of Kailash in Paris

with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Philippe Cornu, Francoise Robin. Photo by Olivier Adam

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Philippe Cornu, Francoise Robin. Photo by Olivier Adam Inalco Shang Shung Foundation

On Monday, June 1st, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, the moment the Paris community was awaiting for 4 years finally came – the arrival of our beloved, respected and great Master.

All of our hearts were filled with happiness to meet Rinpoche, all eyes were fixed on the arrival door gate where Rinpoche appeared smiling, accompanied by Adriana and Eduardo; meanwhile the welcoming group brought many khatags. Then, strangely enough, traveling to the hotel in Paris, took longer than the flight from Athens! Anyway, Rinpoche showed us all once more his great patience and relaxed attitude. At the hotel another group was there to welcome him with overflowing joy.

At 6pm at the “Inalco” (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, member of Sorbonne Paris Cité University), 200 people sat, waiting to see the “My Reincarnation”. The film was broadcasted once on French T.V., but is still to be shown in a Parisian cinema, though it is subtitled in French. “My Reincarnation” was made by Rinpoche’s disciple Jennifer Fox. The audience was very impressed by the knowledge presented in Jennifer Fox’s unique film. The film was presented by Françoise Robin, a Professor of Tibetan language at the Inalco, who had the curiosity and interest to organise this important event.

Singer Tenzin Youlo Sangay. Photo by Olivier Adam

Singer Tenzin Youlo Sangay. Photo by Olivier Adam Inalco Shang Shung Foundation

Two days later, it was followed by the presentation of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s new book – “Light of Kailash, volume three” on June 3rd. This conference was presented in French by Philippe Cornu, Tibetologist, who gave a precise outline of the book and Rinpoche’s exceptional career as a Scientific Researcher. Françoise Robin translated Philippe’s speech both in English and in Tibetan language. Tibetan singer “Gazom Lhamo” welcomed Rinpoche and an audience of more than 200 people, making every one feel the inestimable value and originality of Tibetan culture. Rinpoche introduced the history of these precious books, and shared fascinating results of his research on the origins, culture and history of the Tibetan people, and how it is their heritage as well the heritage of all of humanity. After the presentation it was open time for questions and for people, among them many Tibetans, to ask for a dedication and to have short talk with Rinpoche. At the start of Pema Tashi’s little concert, the audience participated, following the songs, written in Tibetan and French, on a big screen; then another artist, Tenzin Youlo, played music and danced.

When Rinpoche left, Tibetan tea and khabsé were offered in the hall of Inalco, by the association “Confluences Tibétaines”, everyone still enjoying the feeling and energy created by Rinpoche in this happy evening.

by Elisabeth Crouzet


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