Myriad Worlds at Kunsangar North

Dear friends, all heartfelt greetings to you!

This year Kunsangar North turned 25 years old. We had been thinking about how to celebrate this wonderful event.. and came up with a great idea! Summer 2023 opened a new page in the life of Kunsangar North. For the first time in the history of the Gar, we held a grandiose festival “Myriad Worlds” with the participation of seven Buddhist sanghas, cultural figures, musicians, psychologists, coaches.

Everyone was provided with venues for their own programs and creative workshops. The festival was attended by about 450 people. The Dzogchen Community was introduced in person and online by our precious instructors. The festival was opened by Santi Maha Sangha instructor Grisha Mokhin. Igor Berkhin gave a brilliant lecture “Presence and awareness – a new stage in human development.” 

And the real sensation was made by Michael Katz at the practical session “Dream Yoga and Dreams.” Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo’s lecture was attended by many newcomers, and she taught the art of being mindful of health with sincere love. The threefold Community instructor from Hungary, Zoltan Cser, joined us online with a wonderful lecture for beginners. Santi Maha Sangha instructor Vlad Bespalov held full-time classes.

The program of the Dzogchen Community was very popular among the guests. So, for the first time more than 20 people stepped into each of the Vajra Dance mandalas! Thanks to our experienced instructors, Yana Sokolova, Tanya Pronicheva and Olya Nimachuk, the participants were able to learn one of the Vajra dances. And some became so interested that later began to attend dance retreats and actively visit the Gar.

New and old people dancing the Vajra Dance.

Yantra Yoga classes with Vitya Krachkovsky were incredibly popular. The Gönpa was overflowing with his practices and lectures. Our dear painter Nikolai Dudko was a guest of honor and an active participant in the festival. His master class on thangka painting was attended by 50 people!

Along with all the activities, Sang and Serkyem practices, lectures, and excursions were continuously going on near the Stupa of the Perfect Victory.

A class with Vlad Bespalov.

We also organized a very warm and joyful meeting with the first disciples of Rinpoche, those who originally found this place. Together we remembered how it all began. And then there was a celebratory banquet. Vadka baked seven huge and incredibly delicious cakes, Kunsangar South congratulated us and presented ten bottles of Crimean champagne and flowers. And immediately we all began to dance Khaita. It was incredible – more than 100 people danced! Even those who saw and heard music for the first time could not resist and stood in a circle. Happiness shone on all faces. The festival lasted three days and everyone made a lot of friends. The Gar gave everyone a cordial welcome.

People gathered for Rinchenling’s birthday.

And not long ago we celebrated another wonderful anniversary: 30 years of our wonderful Rinchenling, the ling of Moscow! The Gar and the Ling united and held a grand celebration. We started very essentially: with the Song of the Vajra around the mandala. Many people came, among whom were very old practitioners. And the Gar again, as in the old days, was filled with laughter and joy.

Tsetar, or fish release, that took place during the festival.

The Gakyil tries very hard to maintain and develop this Community place and constantly invite the entire Community, especially newcomers, to collaborate. For example, one of the girls, Tanya, made a wonderful offering: she bought a lot of rose bushes and other plants, and we decorated the Gar very beautifully.

In the meantime the ongoing work continues. The online retreat with Adriana Dal Borgo on the dance of the Three Vajras just ended. The happy participants expressed their immense gratitude to Adriana from the bottom of their hearts. Next will be an online retreat with Prima, then Vitya Krachkovsky with a pranayama retreat.

Participants of the online retreat with Adriana.

Among the current legal work – we are now actively bringing all of our buildings into compliance with the law.

I would especially like to thank the workers of our canteen, Nikolai Gavrilyuk and Denis Ogorodnikov. They work selflessly in the kitchen and prepare very delicious food for everyone who comes to the Gar!

And recently we chose a new gekö – Natalia Kushnareva. We wish her good luck and inspiration in her new role.

The Gar has lived for a quarter of a century, and we will try very hard and hope that we will celebrate its 50th anniversary together!

Enjoy your practice and come to Kunsangar North!

Warm wishes to everyone,

Kunsangar North Gakyil

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