Namgyalgar Newsletter January 2021

General Program at the Gar and surrounding area

Gar Program

Namgyalgar online activities, including Yantra Yoga and Breathe, Santi Maha Sangha, Khaita, Collective Practices, and Ganapujas will be continuing. Additionally, there is a new program at the Gar for 2021 as below.

Online Yantra Yoga and Breathe classes in 2021

Oni McKinstry, Emily Coleing, Mathew Long, and Sean Read

Dear all,

A few announcements about our Online Breathe and Yantra Yoga classes in the New Year:

3rd level instructor Oni McKinstry will be offering a Beginners 8 Movements course over  8 weeks. This will be held on Saturday evenings from 5.30-6.30PM (GMT+11) starting from the 9th of January. It is open to all.

Our Intermediate Breathe classes on Sunday mornings from 1130am-12.45PM with Sean Read will become a 1st group pranayama study session, This will only be open to people with Transmission from the master.

Oni’s Sunday afternoon Beginners Breathe will continue as normal.

Math Long’s Wednesday Intermediate Yantra will recommence starting on the 6th of January.

Emily Coeling’s Saturday afternoon Beginners Yantra classes will recommence in March.

Details and Zoom links will be publicized on Namgyalnet.

All the best for the festive season and look forward to seeing you in the new year,

Oni, Em, Math and Sean

Khaita Song and Dance practice

to 9.30 am – until further notice. Every Sunday via Zoom – 8:30 am

We sing and then dance the practice songs. Topgyal Gontse will explain the meaning of the songs.  Participants are requested to send an email to Topgyal Gontse to introduce themselves and to receive the Khaita materials used during the sessions beforehand. Topgyal is developing Khaita activities here in the region of Oceania. In the future dancers will have the opportunity to perform during the Khaita Annual festival and other cultural events as the opportunity arises. Topgyal’s email:, Mob: 0468853125.

Tashi delegs

Ganapujas in January 2021

Please note that the Namgyalgar online Google calendar will adjust the practice times to Daylight Saving time according to your state.

Tuesday 29 December, 7.00 pm Full Moon
Friday 8 January, 7.30 pm Dakini Day 
Saturday 23 January 6.45 pm Guru Rinpoche Day
Thursday 28 January 7.00 pm Full Moon

Times are Australian eastern standard daylight time (AEDT). These are the dates of Ganapujas and we are all encouraged to practice according to (restricted) circumstances during these times.

Namgyalgar News

Namgyalgar Online Sangha Retreat 6–13 December 2020

Webcast replay of Teaching on Guru Dragphur, given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu at Namgyalgar South 2009, which was a main feature of the Sangha Retreat.

Thun Drin (Guardian Practice) on 6.12.20 to open the Sangha Retreat.

Beginners Breathe with Oni McKinstry during the Sangha Retreat.

Intermediate Breathe with Sean Read during the Sangha Retreat.

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