Namgyalgar North Development Report April 2014


Glasshouse Mountains near Namgyalgar North

Glasshouse Mountains near Namgyalgar North

Picture a beehive.  You can hear all the buzzing inside.  An enormous amount of work is going on. They’re making honey.  But you can’t see it. Yet.

That’s the Namgyalgar North Development Project.  Just like a beehive, there is an enormous amount of work going on – so many stages, so much preparation: emails, phone calls, reporting, constant checking and re-checking, issues discussed and decision being made between the NN Development Project Management Team, the Gakyil, builders and various authorities like Town Planners, Council, Draftspersons, Waste Water Designers, Plumbers, Telecommunications experts, and more.

The completed Construction Drawings are in the hands of the Engineer, who has virtually finished all his drawings, as has the required Landscape Designer, and the Certifier who we have authorised to collect all the numerous required associated documents to send to Council with an Application for our Building Permit. This huge task is close to completion.

Two excellently referenced local Commercial and Domestic builders have submitted broad quotes and are now working on detailed quotes, so we can get a realistic and economical costing. One builder is best known for his efficient team of tradespeople, the other – in addition to a good team, is also known for his creative and cost saving solutions to building.

Rex Southern, our original choice as builder is now unable to do the construction due to changes in his circumstances. But Rex has agreed to consult to us.  He is an enormously valuable resource with his many years of experience in both domestic and commercial building, and local knowledge, as well as being a Member of the Board of the local Housing Industry Authority.

Rex is helping us to choose the best builder, ensure the costs are as low as possible, and that all the required works plus our preferences and choices are detailed fully in our Brief (instructions) to the builders; included in their quotes and in the final contract. He is ‘shopping’ for us – getting ‘deals’ on fittings, fixtures and finishes from his suppliers so our costs will be lower.

In addition, he is assisting us in organising the project so we will be able to supply some of the work with Karma Yoga – specific work that is not required by the Council to be done by Queensland Licensed tradespeople.

According to the Flowchart on the NN Development Blog, we are on Steps 8 & 9 heading towards 10 & 11 with some of the work for all four steps going on simultaneously.  Check the “Full Scale of the Project” page 
and the Flowchart page

Also check the more detailed Working Drawings (Construction Drawings) on the Accommodation Section of the Blog 

We look forward to more exciting news within two weeks.

Any questions, contact our NN Development Team (Project Management Team)
All team member email addresses are on the blog.

Joy Dahl, Coordinator

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