Namkha – New Book by Shang Shung Publications

May 2021
Shang Shung Publications Newsletter

Dear readers,⁣⁣

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited publication Namkha: Harmonizing the Energy of the Elements, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s complete explanation of the construction and application of namkha thread crosses. Rinpoche originally wrote this book in October 1983, then revised and expanded it in 2007. It was never published before, and until now the only written information available to us on this unique practice was a booklet released in the 1980s based on oral teachings given by Rinpoche in Devon and Merigar. In addition to rectifying mistakes found in the booklet, the new book provides precise explanations on how to accurately identify the elements for the date and time of an individual’s birth and how to compare and harmonize the Life element with other aspects.

For the first time, Rinpoche also specifies that the position of the Capacity and Fortune rhombuses should be reversed depending on gender. Moreover, the book contains methods for harmonizing conflicts between two namkhas, for example one for the person and one for the current year, or one for each person in a couple. It features detailed descriptions of nine types of inauspicious critical years as well as favorable and unfavorable days and constellations.

Illustrated with colored drawings and tables based on those Rinpoche prepared in his original manuscript, the book also includes the Tibetan text with the mantras and visualizations for the ritual of empowering and consecrating namkhas.

⁣⁣Enjoy the reading.

Shang Shung Publications Team⁣

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