Namkhai Collection at MACO

Dear all,

We would like to specify that the works of art and artifacts preserved in the MACO are part of the “Namkhai Collection”, given by the Family on loan for use to the Museum. MACO has the task of conserving, exhibiting, and proposing ways of making these precious objects accessible to the public.

The objects recently donated by Costantino Albini, whom we thank again for his offer, therefore enrich the “Namkhai Collection”. These will then be shared with the public in a new exhibition on cultural exchanges between East and West next year. The exhibition will be entitled “Silk Road Pilgrimage”.

We are also pleased to announce that the restoration work on the building of the former chancellery of Arcidosso, home of the Namkhai collection, is almost completed. The project was financed by the Tuscany region with the contribution of the Municipality of Arcidosso.

To continue the growing and preservation of the Namkhai Collection and make it accessible to the public, with innovative and engaging exhibitions, we need your support. To learn more about how you can help support the museum and adopt an artifact, visit:

TEL. 0564 966837

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