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First Integrative Medicine Conference – Mental Disorders And Dementia: A Dialogue Between Conventional, Homeopathic, Tibetan, And Chinese Medicines
Barcelona, Spain, January 2014


The aim of this three-day event, the first Integrative Medicine Conference in Barcelona, Spain, was to find a meeting point between the various medical disciplines present in the cultures of our planet: Western medicine, both homeopathic and allopathic, and Eastern medicine, in particular Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Although their theoretical base and technical tools are different, all of these disciplines have as their common aim the person’s health in all its various aspects. A dialogue and comparison without preconceptions should be an enriching encounter for all.

1. Prof. Dr. Namkhai Norbu: Total Integration: Beyond the Relative Health Condition 
2. Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo: Bridging Eastern and Western Medicine 
3. Dr. Paolo Roberti di Sarsina: Traditional and Nonconventional Medicine: A Multi-Contextual Approach 
4. Ms. Pepa Ninou & Dr. Imma Nogués: The Approach to Healthcare within the National Values Plan of Catalonia
5. Dr. Thubten Phuntsok: Introduction to Mental Disorders According to Traditional Tibetan Medicine
6. Dr. Teresa Herrerías: Homeopathic Medicine: Levels of Therapy
7. Dr. Li Qilin: The Influence of Emotions on the Energy of Organs According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
8. Dr. Carlos Enrique Ramos: Psychology and Integral Psychotherapies
9. Dr. Estela Aguirre Beale: Mental Disorders from a Psychiatric Perspective
10. Dr. Ishar Dalmau i Santamaria: Integrative Medicine: An Experience of Research and Education in Barcelona
11. Dr. Herrerías: Homeopathy and Mental Disorders: Personal Clinical Experience
12. Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo: The Treatment of Mental Disorders According to Tibetan Medicine
13. Dr. Sergio Abanades León: Personal Experience of Integrative Medicine in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
14. Ms. Neus Rodríguez: Psychosocial Intervention in Dementia: The Uszhheimer Program. Documentary on Alzheimer’s Disease, Winner of the 2013 Solé Tura Award 
15. Dr. Guillem Martí: Dementia Spectrum: Dealing with the Ill Person
16. Dr. Lobsang Tenzin: The Traditional Tibetan Medicine Approach to the Western Concept of Dementia
17. Dr. Francisco Barnosell Pi: Differential Diagnosis in Dementia or Schizophrenia by Applying an Integrative Medicine Approach: A Personal View



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