New Director of the New ATIF Department, Research and Documentation

Roberti di Sarsina welcomed as Director of the new ATIF Department called  “Research and Documentation”

by Marco Baseggio

On Monday 23 November, the ATIF board appointed our Vajra Brother Paolo Roberti di Sarsina as director of the new ATIF Department  “Research and Documentation”.

Paolo, founder and president of the Foundation for Salutogenesis ONLUS “” , has been a member of the Dzogchen Community for many years, as well as working as a psychiatrist, university lecturer and researcher, and is an expert in traditional, complementary and unconventional medicine.

He carries out numerous institutional activities, in particular for the development of projects supported in Europe.

The main functions of the new ATIF department:

– search for possible participation of Atiyoga Foundation in Horizon Europe (the new European funded framework research program starting in 2021) consortia and calls and in other institutions funded calls and projects, considering the workforce and curriculum of the legal entity.

– paving the way for bridging with Italian university field for tentative proposals to establish courses, masters courses, post-graduation courses, etc., in collaboration with Atiyoga Foundation concerning Tibetan Medicine and Culture, and Preserving Its Traditional Intellectual Property.

–  to set-up, implement, overview and handle a repository of scientific articles and documentations stored within Atiyoga Foundation website to be regularly increased, and to be accessed by researchers and students. Paolo has donated to the Atiyoga Foundation his archive of hundreds of scientific articles concerning Tibetan Medicine, as the first concrete step.

– to promote and develop for those interested within the Community of a mind-set towards research and European and international institutions.

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