New Gakyil 2017 – 2018 at Merigar West

merigar west new gakyil 2017

back row l-r: Tiziana, Salima, Carla, middle row Gianni, Giovanna, Fulvio, Natasha, front row Rocco, Cvetco, Dmitri

On Sunday morning, July 23, 2017, the Merigar West Annual General Meeting was held in the Temple of Great Liberation at the Gar, in Tuscany, Italy.

The Gakyil had prepared a full report of the activities at the Gar over the last year which they presented during the greater part of the meeting. The report was prepared as a pdf document that was made available for general viewing during the meeting.

Two long standing members of the gakyil, Giovanna Natalini for the blue gakyil and Gianni Totino for the yellow, finished their 6 year term of office and consequently retired from their duties. Dmitri Fieri, red gakyil, who still has a year to conclude his term of office, will remain.

Three others members of the current gakyil remain in office: Rocco Vassalli, yellow gakyil, Fulvio Ferrari, red gakyil, and Tiziana Gottardi, blue gakyil.

In order to find new candidates and improve the way the gakyil members are selected, during the previous months a commission of three people from the Merigar West gakyil and SMS instructor Fabio Risolo conducted interviews with possible candidates. The Gakyil then sent the names to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu who approved them.

The new gakyil members are: Natasha Priymak, blue, Carla Gnecchi, yellow, and Salima Celeri yellow.

The Geko remains unchanged.

Merigar West Gakyil 2017-2018

Blue: Tiziana Gottardi, Natasha Priymak

Red: Dmitri Fieri, Fulvio Ferrari

Yellow: Rocco Vassalli, Carla Gnecchi, Salima Celeri

Geko: Cvetko Jovanovic and Tanita Ferrari


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