New Gakyil of Dejamling, France

Dear Sangha and Friends,

The annual meeting of the Dejamling with the elections of the new Gakyil was held on July 15th.

This year, the Gakyil team has completely changed, 3 new members were elected.

We thank Bruno Espaze who was blue, Valerie Sohet as yellow and Jean François Ayme as red for their dedication and collaboration!

Our gratitude goes also to all helpers and assistants whose number increases every year.

The new gakyil was elected for 2 years.

Blue Gakyil: Elerin Uibu

Yellow Gakyil: Philippe Lemoine

Red Gakyil: Jao Essingue

We will do our best to collaborate for continuity and application of the precious teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

The Dejamling Gakyil

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