New Gakyil of Kunsangar North, Russia

Dear Vajra family,

We are happy to announce that the Kunsangar North meeting held on 23 April 2023 resulted in the formation of a full Gakyil!

In addition to the existing 5 members, 5 more members of the Gakyil were elected!

The new Gakyil members are:

🔵 Blue:
Tatiana Vlasova
Elena Bragina
Alexander Kudryavtsev (Alex Random)

🔴 Red:
Maria Lobanova
Ekaterina Serebryanaya
Sergey Davydov

🟡 Yellow:
Tatiana Zolotareva
Ekaterina Povolotskaya
Polina Agafonova

Congratulations to all of us! The necessary changes to the Kunsangar North documents will be made shortly.


💙 Kunsangar North Gakyil

Download PDF