New Gakyil of Kunsangar North, Russia

As a result of the general meeting of the Dzogchen Community and voting on all candidates, a new Gakyil of the Kunsangar North was formed:

Blue sector:
Davydov Sergey
Makarova Natalia
Cherkashin Alexander

Red sector:
Zolotareva Tatiana
Shagarova Ekaterina
Mikhail Kurochkin

Yellow sector:
Soldatova Elena
Makeeva Natalia
Kudryavtsev Alexander

The results were summed up by the counting commission, consisting of Vita Adamenko, Elena Herts, Yuri Shtepo, Marina Shapiro.

Thanks to everyone who plan to help in the subsectors!

Congratulations to the guys and all of us with a wonderful big Gakyil for Kunsangar North!

May all be auspicious!


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