New Gakyil of Rinchenling, Moscow, in 2022

Results of the Gakyil election

Moscow Dzogchen Community “Rinchenling”, Russia

January 7, 2022

Dear friends,

On December 29, the online voting for the candidates for the Rinchenling Gakyil ended. 66 people took part in the voting. All candidates scored a sufficient number of votes – from 50 to 64, which means you trust them to be representatives of the Community and to carry out activities for the benefit of the Community.

Rinchenling Gakyil 2022

Yellow sector
Yuri Shtepo
Eldar Kutdusov

Red sector
Dmitry Yurchenko
Vyacheslav Tabachenko

Blue sector
Elena Izvarina
Dmitry Shumov

For such a large Community as Moscow, the ideal Gakyil is 9 people. We are missing 3 people – one for the yellow sector, one for the red and one for the blue. And we are also waiting for assistants! Without the assistants and activity of the members of the Community, the Gakyil cannot act fully.

If you decide to take responsibility for the Community and become a member of the Gakyil or an assistant to the Gakyil, or if you want to propose your candidacy as a coordinator of any project or activity, please contact us at

Gakyil of Rinchenling

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