New Gakyil of Rinchenling, Moscow

Dear Friends,

On January 26, 2023, the online voting for Rinchenling’s Gakyil candidates ended. 74 people participated in the voting. All candidates except Valera Peskov (28% votes in favor) have received enough votes in favor – from 88% to 99%, which means you trust them to be representatives of the Community and perform activities for the benefit of the Community in the Dzogchen space in Moscow, Russia. So today we have a balanced 6 members’ Gakyil.

Yellow Gakyil
Elena Sokolova
Elena Gruzdeva

Red Gakyil
Vasily Egorov
Olga Novokreshchenova

Blue Gakyil
Ulyana Sokolova
Dmitriy Shumov

Best regards,
Gakyil of Rinchenling

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