New Gakyil of Tashigar South, Argentina

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce the new Gakyil and Gekö of Tashigar South elected at the Meeting of Members held on Friday, 11th June 2021.

Blue Gakyil

Martín Pissano

Carlos Mena

Paola Damonte (Director)

Yellow Gakyil

Griselda Gálmez

Carolina Mingolla

Susana Pogorelsky

Red Gakyil

Cecilia Elgueta

Marta Trillo

Daniel Barreto


Daniel Altamirano


Soledad Mariani

They should be formally confirmed when the Annual General Assembly can be held due to pandemic restrictions in our country and in accordance with legal procedures.

We also want to thank the previous Gakyil for the great work, effort and dedication, and for keeping supporting us in our new work for the Community.

¡Tashi Delegs!

New Gakyil of Tashigar Sur

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