New Gakyil of Sangyeling, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dear friends,

On Wednesday, December 8, on Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s birthday, a community meeting was held in the Sangyeling gompa and in Zoom and a new gakyil was chosen.

Blue sector:

Alexey Sutulov
Larisa Lisichkina
Assistants: Gena Karpov, Anton Vysotskiy, Anton Gorelikov, Anya Olefir

Red sector:

Vitaliy Gerchu
Alexander Zyubenko
Assistants: Natasha Tamarina, Sasha Mangaev, Polina Bazarnova

Yellow sector:

Elena Ignatieva
Marianna Glebova (until 04/01/2022)
Assistants: Yura Andreev, Anya Kurakulova, Liza Bychkova

(Assistants are not strictly sector-specific).

Photo of new gakyil and assistants (almost all):

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General photo from the celebration of Rinpoche’s birthday in Sangyeling:

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