New Gakyil of Wangdeling, Slovakia

Dear Vajra Family,

On the 16th of September 2023 Wangdenling‘s general assembly elected a new gakyil. We welcome new members: Tomáš Chaban and Peter Grančič for the red gakyil and Andrej Vergun for the blue. Members of the yellow gakyil – Kateřina Janáková and Martin Hodáň – carry on from the previous gakyil. Kateřina Janáková was elected a president of new gakyil.

The new gakyil of Wangdenling (from left): Kateřina Janáková (yellow, president), Andrej Vergun (blue), Tomáš Chaban (red), Peter Grančič (red), Martin Hodáň (yellow).

We want to especially express many thanks to out-going member of the gakyil, Veronika Prášilová (blue) for her work and efforts in the restoration of our Gönpa and we wish her much success in her future endeavors.

With love,

Gakyil of Wangdenling

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