New Gekö Merigar East

Incoming gekö Jaromir Fatina (left) will take over from Alexandru Anton (right).

Dear Vajra family,

We are happy to announce the change in the position of Merigar East Gekö.

Our beloved Alexandru Anton is leaving to have some little rest, but luckily still staying with Magda in the Gar. Many thanks for his 3year service for the benefit of the Gar, coming beings and development.

Our new Gekö Jaromír Fatina is very welcome as he is already since summer joined the Gar with fresh energy and enthusiasm… We wish him to have a very good time in his new role and many thanks for the commitment to help the continuation of the Gar.

If you wish to read little bit not only about this change, but also about development in Merigar East, you can find more in Mirror:

With best wishes

Your Merigar East Gakyil and Geko:)

Asociatia Culturala
Localitatea 23 August
judetul Constanta
907 005
CIF 19216731

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