New Orders for Vajra Dance Costumes

Dear friends,

We would like to announce that we are taking new orders for Vajra Dance costumes.

The orders will be collected from 18th May to 18th June 2021. After filling in the Google form, please, send the e-mail with confirmation to

Here is the link to the page

The costumes are multi-colored, and consist of four parts: a pair of trousers, shirt, shambu, and jacket. The costumes have a lot of details. They require lots of time and skill to make.

They are made of natural fabric. At the moment, we can make the suit from rayon with a silk lining. Each suit is made individually according to a standard pattern with personalized lengths for the sleeves and trousers.

Advantages of rayon: it does not wrinkle much and is washable at home.

Please specify your size by checking the measurements with the table and fill in all the requested details in the form

To find out your correct measurements, see the chart and video

The production time depends on the circumstances. We will report on the manufacturing process, it will take from 1 to 2 months.

The price is 295 euros. The final amount could be a little bit more, depending on the payment method. The cost consists of payment to the seamstress, fabric and accessories. Delivery costs must be added.

The price seems a lot, but it is truly not. Four handcrafted different pieces with many patterns need to be sewn and sometimes we need to make personal adjustments afterwards.

So, to order:

  1. Visit page and fill out costume order form. See charts, video to help you adding your individual measures.
  2. Please send a mail to confirm your order and for all issues write to

I will be happy to answer.

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Here is the link to the Prima’s article about costumes

Best! Vajra dance costumes team.

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