New Publication from the Ka-Ter Translation Project

new publication ka-ter projectDear friends and supporters the Ka-Ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria,

With the greatest pleasure I present you the most recent publication based on the Ka-Ter translation project: DZOGCHEN Our Real Condition. An Introduction in Questions and Answers, the latest published book by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, translated from Tibetan and edited by Adriano Clemente.

What is Dzogchen? How is it relevant in society?
In the writings gathered here, Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu replies with great clarity and thoroughness to these and other questions asked in the mid-1970s by his first Western students. Informed by a wealth of sources, citations, clarifications, and advice on various aspects of the practice, this book constitutes a valuable introduction to Dzogchen

You can order this book in the online shop of Shang Shung Publications, where you also will find all other already published books based on the translations from Tibetan done by our main translators Adriano Clemente and Elio Guarisco.

Each book published by Shang Shung Publications is the result of the fruitful and beneficial work of the translators and the collaboration with the team of Shang Shung Publication.
More books will be published soon.

As you may know, all this extraordinary work of the translators up to now has entirely been based on your generosity and your donations. Without your support we never could have done all this work since 2002. Thank you so much for your contributions and your understanding in the last eighteen years.

In order to be able to continue our work also in the future we need your support.
Let’s not forget about the importance of this project, let’s follow the advice that Rinpoche gave to one of our Vajra-sisters in her dream:
Let’s not forget about the Ka-Ter Translation project. It is an important activity.

new publication ka-ter project
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