News from Dargyäling, Cologne, Germany

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Dear friends of the Dharma,

Last Sunday we met in Dargyäling for a Summer celebration. It was a very light day. A day showed us in each particle how wonderful it is to be on a path together and made us feel how we are all connected in a rich and concrete way.

The day started with watching the webcast of the retreat with Rinpoche at Merigar. It was very inspiring to listen to Rinpoche’s teachings together and then to have the immediate possibility to communicate afterwards. It became very lively.

Thanks to this we got the inspiration to formulate it as an offer for all members who want to experience the webcasts together and who perceive Dargyäling as an inspiring location to do so. So if you´re interested contact Viktoria Gershevskaya at She will explain the modalities and we will try to make it possible.

Then early afternoon we enjoyed practicing Yantra Yoga with the warm hearted guidance of Saadet Arslan.


After that we found enough time to talk, plan, ask and answer questions, cook, eat and drink, then we danced Khaita under the patient guidance of Josef Heim. As a proof of our persistent practicing see the photos in the attachment….


It was a day full of joy and freedom that also had time and space for practice and peace, and now we are looking forward to our days of open doors in September!

In addition the gakyil wants to invite you for its next meeting. We will communicate the exact time soon by newsletter. Who is interested to see how and what we´re working on, suggest ideas or constructive tips or even wants to help us practically, is heartly welcome.


As usual we will inform you about our next events in Dargyäling in our relevant calendars. We´re looking forward to the Ganapuja next Friday and the following Tara Retreat on Saturday and Sunday with Jakob Winkler, as well as our regular practices, the Santi Maha Sangha practical evenings with Jakob and Yantra Yoga practices.

The announcement of the Weekend with Saadet will follow soon.

Thanks a lot for all your support! We will be happy to see you soon in Dargyäling.


Gakyil of Dargyäling


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