News from Kunsangar South

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters!

Please, receive our best greetings from the Southern Coast of Crimea!

On April 6 at Dzamling Gar, the Kunsangar South Gakyil asked Rinpoche about the situation in Crimea and the future of Kunsangar South. Rinpoche said that we should continue all our projects at the Gar and work with the current situation.

According to Rinpoche’s words, on the 5th of June a Gakyil meeting was held and the new body of members of the Kunsangar South Gakyil was elected.

Kunsangar South gakyil 2014

Blue Sector:
Anton Rutkovskiy, Kyiv;
Sergey Nepochatov, Kyiv;
Andrey Mitin, Moscow;

Red Sector:
Eduard Avzalov, Zaporizhia;
Irina Gromakova, Moscow/Crimea;
Galina Orlova, Moscow/Crimea;

Yellow Sector:
Anastasia Domanova, Kyiv;
Alesia Popova, Kyiv;
Elena Pakhno, Rostov.

On the 8th of June the new  Gakyil gathered at Kunsangar South to sum up the results of the previous season and to discuss our plans for the next one.

The Gakyil accepted the candidate for the new Gekos, who is Natalia Palkina from Kharkov. Also, there is a need for the new Geko to have an assistant, who will deal with technical questions, and will be in charge of the facilities at the Gar. The details concerning the vacancy of such an administrative manager will be announced later. If you interested in this position, please contact us –

As a developing Gar, we are currently focused on developing conditions for Rinpoche’s visits and accommodation for practitioners at the Gar. 
We are continuing the construction of Rinpoche’s house, the retreat house, upgrading the water supply system and creating different household facilities like a warehouse, camping space and roads.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Kunsangar South!

Kind Regards,

The Kunsangar South Gakyil

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