News from Namgyalgar in Australia

Gar Development

In late August the Gakyil lodged an application with the Sunshine Coast Council to extend and revise the original Namgyalgar Development Application which was due to expire. The Gakyil is pleased to report that the Council has granted approval for the DA to be extended for another two years, and for a personal retreat cabin to be constructed next year. Special funds reserved in Namgyalgar’s bank accounts and donations received from Community members will be used to build the cabin. If you would like to make a donation towards the new retreat cabin please contact Sean:

New Caretakers and Air BnB

After being delayed by border closures due to Covid-19, Namgyalgar’s new caretakers Joe Banffy and Carolyn Fleming and their daughter Harriet arrived at the start of November. They have been busy with learning how to care for the Gar and have provided the Gakyil with a comprehensive diary of their first month on the Gar, which has included a lot of practical preparation for upkeep and maintenance, including how to maintain the Gar pool. They have been busy preparing the AirBnB, updating the Wi-Fi, and doing many repairs including comprehensive cleaning and painting of the house indoors and out. They have also been working on the Gar property to reduce bushfire hazards, keeping the grass mowed and gardens tidy, and more.

After much work and preparations, the Namgyalgar AirBnB will open soon. All visitors to the Gar will be asked to sign a COVID register with their name and phone number in accordance with Health Guidelines. Guests looking for a fantastic experience of nature with ambiance, comfort and cleanliness and newly updated Wi-Fi will be welcome. It is anticipated that the AirBnB will generate income to cover the Gar operational costs.

Namgyalgar Retreat Program

Retreats and courses at Namgyalgar remain suspended due to the Covid pandemic, however with restrictions easing in Australia it’s anticipated activities will recommence at the Gar during 2021, the program of which will be publicised once completed. Meanwhile online activities such as collective practice, open and restricted Yantra Yoga and Breathe and Santi Maha Sangha study are continuing. As well another online Sangha retreat will be held 6 to 13 December, following the successful one held in September, which included a webcast replay of Rinpoche’s teachings on the ‘Essence of Longchen’s 25 Spaces’, and coincided with the second anniversary of Rinpoche’s parinirvana.


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