News From Paldenling, Retreat Center Of IDC, Poland

Dear Vajra Family,

Paldenling, retreat center of IDC Poland, is currently going through the next level of modernization – we started the project of photovoltaic installation. Why we want to invest in solar panel technology and why this step is considered absolutely crucial for further development of our retreat center – here are main reasons:

– Thanks to photovoltaic solution expenses for electricity bills will become radically reduced. At the present moment cost of electric energy is one of the most serious expenditures for maintaining Paldenling. According to professional calculations, which takes into account the rate of constant growth of electricity prices in Poland, “private solar power plant” will allow us to save up approx. 7 500 € during the first 10 years after the installation of photovoltaic. In the long run savings will definitely become even bigger and bigger 🙂

–  Photovoltaic is eco-friendly technology. Equipped with solar panels, Paldenling will have an opportunity to produce electric power in complete harmony with Mother Nature 🙂

– Cheaper electric energy made with solar panels means higher level of comfort for our guests and convenience for Geko who manage Paldenling. At the present moment, due to extremely high prices of electric energy in Poland, instead of heating the tap water by electric boilers working 24 h a day we have to make hot water occasionally using coal and wood burning furnace – every single day in every season. In other words, under these circumstances smoke goes up from Paldenling’s chimney everyday, firewood supplies shrink even during the heat of summertime, and on top of that sometimes there is not enough hot tap water for everyone. Thanks to photovoltaic all of these inconvenient obstacles will come to an end 🙂

We hope that also in your opinion a solar power plant for Paldenling is a highly reasonable and good solution.

We already have chosen the contractor of our project, Salvis Expert company from Cracow, which offers high-end quality solar panels made in Poland. We hope that our photovoltaic will start to operate in the summer 2020.

In order to make this solar energy dream come true we kindly ask for your help – please donate to our project viafundraising platform of IDC Poland or via PayPal: 

As an expression of gratitude for your precious help and kindness you will receive a bonus gift: for every 25 € / 100 zł donated for the photovoltaic project you receive a voucher for 1 day of stay in Paldenling’s longde cabin, dark cabin or main house free of charge!

Last but not least, please remember: supporting dharma centers generates enormous merit 🙂

Many, many thanks!

Gakyil of IDC Poland

Geko of Paldenling

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