News from Tashigar North

Tashigar Norrte is preparing to receive the participants of our next program that runs from December 2023 to March 2024. It has been more than ten long years that we have waited to be able to host IDC-related activities again. This is because the Gakyil considers that the conditions for receiving practitioners from all over the world have improved to a level beyond what is acceptable.

We cannot say that everything is perfect, but we are convinced that it is possible to offer a program in which its participants will be able to enjoy their stay at Margarita without any setbacks. Safety in general has not been an issue of concern for some time here, this does not mean that we can be distracted without taking some precautions. We must always act with presence, but it is a fact that there are really no significant or alarmist reports in this regard.

The Gar itself, for several years, has not suffered any major incident related to insecurity. Another aspect that has changed compared to later years is the limitations of exchange control. Now neither the US dollar nor the euro are restricted currencies. All businesses have their prices marked in American dollars, and it is, in fact, the currency with the greatest supply and demand. International debit and credit cards are accepted in the vast majority of establishments, and since there is no exchange control, there is no longer a significant gap between the value of the parallel market and the exchange rate you obtain when using your cards.

Refurbished Longsal Symbol

Services in general have improved, especially those related to telecommunications, including the internet. Fiber optics have reached the Gar directly, so we have a 300mbps line that all residents share and that in principle should be enough to satisfy demand. Sporadic power outages, normally associated with some failure that is generally resolved in a short period of time.

Air connectivity is still quite limited, but there are several options that were not available until not long ago. Especially flights from Europe through Plus Ultra and Iberia; and of course from Russia. Remember that Russians and European citizens do not need visas to enter Venezuela, as well most of the Latin American countries except Peruvian and Chilean citizens, for them the principle of diplomatic reciprocity applies, so it means they will be required the same documentations that Venezuelans need to enter Peru or Chile, so in this particular cases there is an application to go through. This is the general framework.

We are happy and excited knowing that we will finally have a significant group of our Vajra family visiting us. Feeling the collective energy of our Community again will give us more strength to continue persevering in the conservation of the Gar and its future. But at the same time we call on you to participate, to come, and to share with us.

At the budgetary level we are still short. We have enough to go through to the end of the year, and we trust that this relaunch will help us connect with more practitioners inspired to lend their support to continue sustaining the Gar. It is important to us that you notify us of your participation in advance. We must prepare the infrastructure to offer you the greatest possible comfort. There are still very few of us who reside in the Gar, so we must fine-tune our resources and energy to what is essential to be ready for December.

At this moment we are doing repairs on the floor of the Gönpa, due to the loosening of the terracottas. We will try to have more space recovered by December, especially since the bulk of our program is in retreats and courses related to the Dance of the Vajra, which obviously requires more spaces. If you are sure that you will come, or think that there is a great possibility, please write to us at Furthermore, there we can answer any questions you may have related to your possible trip. For more information you can visit our website, which has been redesigned for the occasion and where more information can be found.

Lovely food

This season of courses and retreats can also serve to allow all those interested in acquiring property within the Gar to verify on site the general conditions of the country, the particular conditions of Tashigar North, and in general verify the state of the property that may be of your interest. The prices are truly bargain prices, and our main interest is to repopulate the Tashigar Norte Village with practitioners who are committed to contributing to its mission of supporting the general structure of the Gar. Owners of houses and land in Tashigar Norte contribute with an annual maintenance fee for condominium expenses, which in turn represent 50% of the Gar’s general budget. The other half is the Gakyil’s responsibility for IDC-related activities, courses, retreats, talks and general fundraising activities.

The possibilities of obtaining legal residency in Venezuela are not that complicated. Especially within the framework of the RENTISTA VISA, whose requirement is to certify a monthly income greater than US$ 1,200. The cost of the procedure is only US$ 30 and must be processed at the Venezuelan consulate in your country of origin, or one nearby (if you do not have an operational consular office in your country). Last week we already had a concrete experience since Ralf Strehle successfully obtained the aforementioned visa that he processed at the Venezuelan consulate in Frankfurt. This visa immediately gives Ralf RESIDENT status, that is, he will not be limited by dates or quantity of entries or exits from the country. This places Tashigar Norte as a permanent residence destination for retirees or anyone who has a guaranteed income. We also think that it can be very useful for our digital nomads, those who work ONLINE since, as has already been said previously, there is an improved internet offer on the island. While it is true that the cost of living in general has caught up with the global situation, services are still very affordable, and this can allow you to live in Margarita on a modest budget.

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