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Dinner at Ralf’s new home in Tashigar North

from Rolo Carraso

Dear Vajra Family,

We send a warm greeting from Tashigar North. We are in the final stretch of the year, a year of challenges and difficulties, but one that we close with great optimism looking to the future. The financial situation at the beginning of 2022 was quite delicate since the Gakyil did not have the necessary funds to cover its operations until the end of the year.

This situation forced us to speed up our support projects related to the tourist operation with Russian citizens. The unfortunate events of the war in Ukraine affected our initial expectations, forcing us to focus the initiative on the local market. At that time, we discarded the aspect related to accommodation and focused on the promotion of Delek, a project in which we offered culinary tastings, excursions both in the Gönpa and through the green areas, yoga workshops, dance exhibitions, musical programs and talks. with special guests.

Unfortunately, the response was not as expected and in the last quarter of the year we decided to suspend its activities in order not to exhaust our scarce resources in an operation with an insufficient return. At this point the initiative arose to promote the sale of some available properties inside and outside the Gar in order to solve our distressing economic situation; but above all with the aim of attracting more practitioners to the mandala of North Tashigar.

Our thanks to all the members who offered their properties and/or part of the income from future sales to support the Gar. In the middle of the year we received a visit from Ralf Strehle, a member of Dzamling Gar who immediately fell in love with the energy of the Gar and decided to take the opportunity. He acquired one of the available properties within the Gar and for about a month it has already been residing among us. This operation has allowed us to alleviate our financial worries and has brought us the joy of sharing fresh energy in our daily practices.

We reiterate our invitation to all IDC members to do as Ralf has done. The prices of the properties are really accessible and the general conditions of life in Margarita are improving more and more. Please keep an eye on the Tashigar North and Mirror Online publications as we intend to publish an interview with Ralf soon where he can share his experience to inspire others. Please visit:

At the level of Practice, we maintain a fairly basic program. Dance Tun, Ganapujas and special practices of the calendar in the Gonna; and each one individually tries to follow the many online programs available. Some SMS instructors have expressed their interest in coming to the Gar for a while, but so far we have not been able to make any formal visit. Elias Capriles has on site courses scheduled in Tashigar Norte for December and January, but due to recent circumstances, they will probably be canceled or rescheduled to be broadcast via Zoom from Merida.

At the maintenance level, we continue to be forced to attend exclusively to the tasks that demand urgent attention, since there are a series of necessary jobs in line but that we cannot afford financially, including the re-waterproofing of the Gonpa’s roof and the repair of a little part of its floor ; and the replacement of a load-bearing beam of the dining room structure.

As Gakyil we are making every possible effort to keep alive this legacy that Rinpoche has left us, without adulterating its main purpose, but it is undoubtedly that we require the participation of more members of our Community at a global level. We pray that our instructors take the step and put aside certain fears about Margarita’s situation in general, as we have already reiterated in several communications throughout this last year, the circumstances are better. Please contact us to make it happen.

When we started our service as Gakyil in late 2018, we had no funds to continue. With the support of our International Community we did a fundraising that allowed us to move forward, and later with a lot of inventiveness we formulated the property sales project. At the end of the year we will have a favorable balance of US$ 15,000 that allows us to cover operations for approximately 10 months. It is quite probable that between January and December we will complete one or two property sales, both outside and inside the Gar, which will allow us to shore up our finances.

We continue in permanent conversations with local tour operators to relaunch our accommodation project. We have a more sophisticated idea that required the support of the Atiyoga Foundation, to create a more attractive offer for international operators, in which we can offer a service similar to that offered by Dzamling Gar, oriented to the integral well-being of people, based on our experience in all the disciplines that Rinpoche transmitted to us. But once again, without the active participation of the holders of that knowledge it is not possible.

Our service in the Gakyil has already exceeded the 3-year barrier, so we extend our invitation to active members of Tashigar Norte (with a minimum of 3 years paying their membership consecutively) and who have received the direct transmission, to send their CV to stating their intention to apply to the Gakyil, and if they consider it pertinent to help consolidate the work teams necessary to execute our ideas or to develop their own. A special invitation to all home or land owners within the Gar to join in this task of service.

Always Grateful for the support:

Tashigar Norte Gakyil

Gloris Strauss

Douglas Uzcategui

Rolando Carrasco

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