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Despite the fact that the last year we, like most people, encountered circumstances of a new, mostly distanced life, classes at the School of Tibetan Medicine continued and the transition of the courses to online format has been quite successful!

On 15 November the second module of the “Diet According to Tibetan Medicine” program was smoothly completed. The course lasted one and a half months and was completely conducted online. It consisted of video classes, online meetings, homework and tests. 20 students participated and completed the course, and now they will have to take the final module of the Diet program, which, hopefully, will be onsite.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Master, professor Phuntsog Wangmo and her wonderful assistants Irina and Medegma, and all students for their hard work and patience in studying the characteristics and qualities of different food and drinks!

Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo and students during the online course.

Nutrition in Tibetan medicine and the course we offer

The Tibetan view of nutrition is based on the understanding of the interrelatedness of our body and the outer world. Thanks to understanding the principles of how our body functions and the basics of nutrition it is easier for us to live harmoniously and eat without harming ourselves, under all conditions and in every season.

The knowledge of Tibetan medicine on nutrition and diet is very precise and fundamental. According to its complex approach, maintaining the natural balance of our body is the primal cause of health. That’s why the prevention of diseases is very important in Tibetan medicine, and nutrition is a very effective tool.

Our program may be interesting for those who are taking their first steps in studying Tibetan medicine and wish to develop in that direction, people who are interested in the integral approach to health and prevention of diseases, specialists in wellness and a healthy life who would like to become familiar with new methods, people who are curious about a healthy and harmonious diet for themselves and their family, chefs and those who love to cook and perfect their skills, as well as those who are open to new knowledge and would like to learn more about themselves.

The program consists of 3 modules, the first and the second ones last 30 hours and the third 40 hours.

Module 1:

– Embryology in Tibetan medicine: conception and development of the foetus
– 5 elements in inner and outer worlds, their characteristics, interrelatedness and interdependence
– 3 humours, their qualities and characteristics; concept of balance
– 7 body constituents
– Causes and conditions of illnesses; gates of entering and ways of spreading illnesses
– 6 tastes, their characteristics and qualities
– Tastes, qualities of the food, spices, drinks, poisonous combinations
– 7 body constitutions
– Diet recommendations for different types of body constitution

Module 2:

During this module we study the main types of food and drink, their nature, characteristics and their medicinal application.

Module 3:

– Spices: their properties and use in food
– Compatible and incompatible products
– Cooked food
– Practice of preparing various healing Tibetan dishes

Upon successful completion of the entire program, graduates receive a Diploma in Diet according to Tibetan Medicine from the International School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute and the Atiyoga Foundation.

In the near future we will announce the next enrolment in the Diet According to Tibetan Medicine program, consisting of 3 modules. Stay tuned for the School’s news!

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